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Big Booty Bait Co.

Big Booty Bait

Big Booty Bait

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Years of exhausting analysis, data logging, and countless hours of YouTube research have finally led to a new standard in performance soft baits. An instant industry leader comprised of fishing HOF level ingenuity and top of the line materials. The payoff?

The (pat. pending) Big Booty Bait!

aka the “Twerkbait”, "B³", "The Big Booty Donk Slayer", "Two Ham Log Jammer", "The Pole Dancer", etc... the list goes on.

Lets not bore on the explanation, here's the quick short. Fish, like humans are attracted to various forms, patterns, colors, presentations, etc, etc. We're neither fish psychologists nor fish optometrists. Sure someone probably has a degree in it and that being said we'd love to meet one on our future podcast... Anywho, we shamelessly brought one of the most alluring forms and techniques of attraction from the human surface world to the aquatic world with the notion "If it works on humans, it can work on fish." and if we're being honest, there's a lot of parallels using big words like... undulating, or polyrhythmic kinesis... in short fish like Twerkin, so hit em with the cakes!   


  • Hand made in the USA
  • Ultimate Versatility. Twerk it, Swim it, Jig it, Trail it, Skip it, Punch it, Rip across lilies, etc. The world is your oyster. 
  • Buoyant? Yes.
  • Perfectly Balanced 3.25” Profile.
  • Realistic Twerking Action!
  • Tough (if rigged responsibly) 

Why should you buy it? - Because reasons, here's a few. 

  • Great Gift - For any angler who likes fun goofy stuff, him, her, them, they, it, dude, bros, bras, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, buddies, pals, friends, boat parties, boat warming parties, Batchelor/Bachelorette parties, divorce parties, people who say they can fish anything, people… it’s a good gift dood.
  • Endless Entertainment - For you, your friends, strangers, the bachelor party, boatwarming parties, boat reveals, fishing shops, etc. 
  • Best Materials - We use some high grade materials, for your safety. Also they're the best.
  • Supporting Small Business - This is indeed a small business and we'd love to have your support. 
  • Booty - Because booty.
  • Utility - Its a "swiss army" bait. Useful for various setups, rigs.
  • OG - This is the superior posterior.
  • You - You're reading this and you're like "Ha, I wonder if I could catch something with that?!". The answer is a resounding, possibly. You wont know til you try.


Disclaimer - Big Booty Bait Co. is a purveyor of unique hand crafted, incredibly stupid baits, including the “patent pending”, Big Booty Bait! Despite our best efforts in the meticulous crafting of our catalog of baits, minor inclusions like a bubble or dimpling may be present. We do our best to avoid it but it’s the "nature of the butt" as they say. By they we mean we, we are they. But look, you can rest easy knowing we review the quality of each bait for comedic value, comedic ROI, and fish-ability. Pobody’s nerfect, but we’ll get there! Thanks for fishing with Big Booty Bait Co. “buns you can trust” it’s our new tag line, yeah?! Like it?!

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