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Big Booty Bait Co.

Big Booty Bait Co. Asshat

Big Booty Bait Co. Asshat

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The official mesh back trucker hat of Big Booty Bait Co. 

That big flesh searing ball of hydrogen isn't going away anytime soon, so protect your dome in the meantime and in some ways your eyes. Flip it around and protect ya neck to. It’s a good hat. We sleep in ours. 

The Trucker Hat - The epitome of style, and a timeless classic. A staple of modern mans ingenuity as a wearable tool, providing unprecedented cooling ability as well as face shelter from the celestial plasma sphere in our solar system.

Fun Fact - Its rumored the design was based on this 17,000 year old Pleistocene era cave painting in northern France. Experts are divided on the true intent of the painting but the leading theory is that pre man is depicted hurling rocks at an unknown object in an attempt to protect his prized idol or dwelling, while preserving the location of his favorite foraging hole. 



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