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Big Booty Bait Co.

TSOxB3Co: “The NANR”

TSOxB3Co: “The NANR”

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Introducing the official Texas Slims Ned Rig Bait… No, I mean NOT. Not A Ned Rig! aka the NANR.

A collaboration over a year in the making with one of our favorite anglers in the game, team member, and el Jefe of the Texas Kayak Bass League, our pal Texas Slim!

We got to “bull chittin” as they say, and were like “Why call it a Ned bait? Like, you could cut a worm in half and it’s the same thing. What’s so good about a Ned that it gets its own trade name instead of short stick, lady finger, cheese puff, 2-3.375 incher, shortshaft, nerd bait for nerds, the Butler bait, etc.”… All those names kinda suck… (except for the Butler bait, he’s cool, we like him… you should go follow him @joshuabfishing) actually and Ned is probably better but still. Rig naming is always funny to us and when it comes to semantics we can quibble over the most unquibbleable things. So, why not make a bait that’s tailor made to not be a Ned bait, but may in fact be the perfect Ned bait… Also we were searching for an excuse to market a bait in a tiny little six pack.

So yeah, ned rig it, drop shot it… rig em the way you want! It’s a bait. It’s buoyant, it’s wiggly, it works, and it’s an excuse to fish with a tiny little six pack. 

BONUS: There’s like an infinite number of baits on the shelf but much like the artist formerly known as Prince, we release what we want. Long story short we like arts and crafts, any excuse to break out the crayons and safety scissors is like a beacon of crafty hope to actually complete a project so here’s the BONUS, you get to assemble your own six pack! Wow, how about that!

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