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Deep End Fishing

Deep End Fishing Jigs!

Deep End Fishing Jigs!

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We love a good jig, and we’re not talking about a lively folk dance in compound metre either.

We’ve been asked a bunch about getting deeper into the jig game. Well the answer is… yeah, we don’t know. Maybe? Probably not? 

…but what we do know, is we have friends who also do some reaaaally awesome stuff. We DM’d our pals over at Deep End Bait Co. to see about getting a batch tied up just for us. We had some reel deep discussions, like super technical it was intense, it went kinda like this.


B3Co. : Hey buddaaay, wanna tie some jigs?

DEBCo. : Yeah man, say less.

and that was that. So they whipped up a killer batch of jigs to compliment your new Big Booty Bait!

Now, there’s a solid mixture going on here, from 1/2oz to 1oz. So take your pick, and remember.


“If you’re goin deep? Go Off the Deep End.

(We’re pretty good at tag lines)

Give em a follow on the IG @DeepEndBaits



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