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Space Pickles

Space Pickles

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Xkütur’s Famous Space Pickles!

Turns out our resident alien’s favorite snack of choice while interloping the cosmos makes for a great fish bait.

Actually these #GalacticGherkins are inspired by Xkütur’s favorite space snack, mostly because we can’t maintain the properly ionized atmosphere and gravity voids to grow them on earth… but hey, close enough is good enough. 

Sold as a 4/2 - 6pk.

  • 4 - 2.5” Dropshot/Ned, Smol Pickles
  • 2 - 4” Craw/Rigging, Chonky Pickles.


  • Hand Poured (w/love)
  • Earthy Worm Like Scent
  • Buoyant and Tough
  • Disgusting but Oddly Symmetrical
  • Split Lines in Tail to Change Presentation

If the qty seems confusing that’s because it’s XküTUr’s preference and he’s an alien… so nothing he does really makes any sense. They’re fun to sling around, hand poured with love, and here’s the kicker they go from beaver tail to crawfish in a couple of snips. Trouble on a worm? or not hitting a true craw? Just remember, “When in doubt, whip the pickle out.

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