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Big Booty Bait Co.

Tackle Slaps

Tackle Slaps

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Woah, is that a pack of hilarious stickers ready to be slapped on your tackle box, boat, cooler, yak, toolbox, car, laptop, or whatever the crap else you can think of?!? Why, yes… yes it is.

Enjoy the first sticker pack of original and inspired designs based on some of our favorite things, from your new favorite bait company!

Includes 4 premium stickers, and 2 standard stickaroonies. That’s 6000 stickers if you buy 1000 packs! But if you buy 1 pack that’s a whole 6 badass tactical stickers!


1.) Donk Patrol, 3” Holo Sticker

2.) Kool Bait, 2.5” x 3” Holo Sticker 

3.) WWIAFDTB, 2.5” x 3” Premium Sticker

4.) The Creature from Laguna Madre, 3” x 5” Premium Sticker


5.) GooEy Logo, 2”x 3” Vinyl Sticker

6.) Donk Patrol, 3” Vinyl Sticker


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