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Big Booty Bait Co.

The Lunker and Toad 5.5” Collectable Action Figure w/Karate Tail Action

The Lunker and Toad 5.5” Collectable Action Figure w/Karate Tail Action

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Big Booty Bait Co. presents… 

The Lunker and Toad 5.5” Collectable Action Figure w/ Karate Tail Action!

These big mouth green fish are hand crafted from tip to tail in the USA by the artist behind your new (or current) favorite fishing brand/fishtoon. Each one is hand painted, signed, and tested for maximum accuracy and action figureness.

A lil backstory: We decided we want to go further with “Lunker and Toad”, so we decided to make an action figure based on our dumb cartoon, in the style of a bait, presented as an action figure. Stupid? Yes. Another exhausting project chock full of artistic expression? Also yes. Waste of time and resources that cost far more to produce than it what we’re selling them for? That’s actually a very good possibility… so yes. But here’s the deal, we made this fish art or FART as we say, to raise funds for toons and stuff.

They’re super limited too!

edit: After typing the super limited part we realize that doesn’t mean much because “who are we?”

edit edit: We don’t care, we make funny stuff.

Disclaimer: This product is hand made, like seriously, arduously, artfully, meticulously hand made, with lots of love, and despite being tested it may have quarks in its functionality beyond being a display piece. By buying/procuring said “piece” you acknowledge that you accept this “piece” as-is, and also acknowledge that you have great taste in the arts & stuff. 

Don’t eat it, it’s not food

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