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Yaksquatch Hooded Longsleeve Sun Armor

Yaksquatch Hooded Longsleeve Sun Armor

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The legend lives on!... in our unique Yaksquatch line.

We're bringing you the legendary look without the skinning and stuff, so look at that, no cryptids harmed... because we painstakingly hand drew each tuft of hair over a hot tablet.

You're gonna look super cool, probably rad, and people might even call you the Radsquatch. We might happen to know a world class athlete who did some stuff in some Yaksquatch gear and guess what he said... "wtf is that?" Eeeeexactly, what we were looking for and was followed by "I love it."

Hands down the best look while winning your next fishing tournament, running a marathon, opening a can of beans, flipping some logs, ripping some trails, or whaaaaaatever.

  • Material: 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • Sun protection: UPF +50
  • Extra light fabric (4.13 oz/yd² (140g/m²))
  • Looks great on haired or unhaired people.
  • Helps stand out in the crowd, or helps stay away from the crowd
  • Legendary style!
  • Pairs well with various asshats.
  • Runs true to size (verified ✅)
  • Made in USA

*This item is drop shipped from our production partner.

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